Monday, July 28, 2014

Getting ready to move to India

We are moving to India. So we are selling things. I am not happy that we are moving. Because in the selling process some of my favorite things will go away. My dad's imac was sold. I am sad because my game progress was lost. I miss the bed because it's funner to jump on the bed than on the sleeping bag.  I am also moving away from my best friend Alex. That makes me the most unhappy. We are moving because we need to spend more time with family. I'm excited about meeting my cousins in India.  Some of my Lego pieces are there in India.

My great grandmother passed away. She was very nice to me when I was a baby. She fed me and put me to sleep and she gave me baths when I was a baby. I miss her.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Busy week

I played Super Mario memory game with my mom and dad. I won the game. My pile of matches was bigger then my moms and my dads piles combineded. I placed  the cards in 8 or 9 colums and 8 or 9 rows.

I started to learn to type fast. I am currently learning how to type the home row keys. I almost finished lesson one. I am learning how to type fast so that I can code faster and type this blog faster. I want to learn to code so I can make mods in Minecraft. Minecraft is my favorite game.

I am bored of the taste of everything I eat at home so one day my mom desided to make crepes for breakfast. These are the ingredients: homemade plum jam, sour cream, flour, milk, eggs, salt, honey and butter. They were yummy. Me and Dino and Sword helped my mom.

Dino and Sword and me
helping mom
My moms friend Alison came to my house. Her husband Joe and her baby Kaylie came to my house too. Kaylie was treating my Lego shaped piggy bank like a car. It was funny. Kaylie is kind of cute. I downloaded a game called dragon legends while they were here.

Kaylie's car
I opened my very own bank account. I am excited. Me and my mom went to the Trumbull bank to open the bank account. The name of the bank is Bank of America. It took a very long time to open the bank account. I put in $78.50 in the bank account from my piggy bank. I helped my mom put all the coins in rolls. It took a long time. I learnt about interest.
Me pretending to be Statue of
Liberty while waiting for my
bank account to open
On they way home we stopped at Go Greenly. Then we ate the Go Greenly. It was yummy.

Simply taro.  Amazing and yet so different

I made up some more jokes. I illustrated two jokes. One joke is:

What did the earth dragon say to the very talented ice dragon?
"You are very cool!"

"You are so cool"

The next joke is:
What did the leader of the tooth alphabet say when he was missing two letters?
I got the idea for this joke from my typing lesson.

Tooth D K - Part 1
Tooth D K - Part 2

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My cousin is sick

My cousin's name is Sarayu. She is in the hospital. She has Dengue fever (breakbone fever). She does not like medisin. She is silly some times. So am I. I am happy that she likes my jokes. I made a joke for her.

What is the last sentence of the story "The Three Little Apples?"
"They lived 'appily ever after."

I hope she feels beter soon. I am happy her twin sister Samara did not catch it.

Me with my new toys
Yesterday I went to New York City. I was very cranky and hot. I thought it was a bad idea to go to NYC yesterday. It was too hot.
We planned to go on a cruise. But instead we went to Toys R Us. I bought the Lion and Wolf Legend beast from the Lego Chima movie. I also bought two mixels. Their names are Flurr and Tentro. The previos  time I went to Toys R Us, I got a car and a mixel named Gobba. I also got Rogon's Rock launcher and Eagle's castle lego sets. We returned some of the things we got the last time.

Mixed up Mixel (Gobba +
Tentro + Flurr)
Rogon's Rock Launcher
Eagle's Casle

I watched world cub soccer on TV at Bryant Park. There were lots of people watching. They were cheering for US. "Go US". Belgium beat America and America was elimated. That was a sad moment for me.
The TV is the little green spot at the back