Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cute Baby Simbu

Cute Baby Simbu is a 2 year old lion cub. He is called Cute Baby Simbu because he is cute, he is a baby, and his name is Simbu. He is fluffy. I like to play with him. He sometimes jumps on my face. He can jump very high. He jumps backwards when he gets tickled. He also acts very silly when he feels water. He goes crazy. 

He is very silly. He thinks he will grow up into a different animal when he grows up. Sometimes he thinks he will be a bird, sometimes a crocodile, sometimes a snake or a gorilla.

His favorite thing to do is to sit on my dad's shoulder. He likes sitting on people's heads. He likes feeling my grandmother's hair. He is not very interested in Mincecraft. Anyway, I don't think he should play Minecraft when he is this young.

He likes my cousins Sarayu and Samara. He also likes their stuffed toys (a rabbit and Mini Mouse). The three of us like to play with him. We spin around with him. 

He learned how to eat two or three days ago. The first food he tried was steak. Since he is a lion, he likes steak very much. His favorite drink is milk. Actually that's the only drink he's tried.

I have had him for more than four years. But I like to believe he is only two years old. My dad answered a question correctly at work and the prize was Simbu. That is how I got him. He is my favorite stuffed toy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WE MOVED TO INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We moved to Bangalore, India on Aug 27th. I was very sad to leave America.:-( The flight was very long and boring. I played games. Then we landed. It was really boring to wait for a taxi.

We reached my Ajji's (grandmother's) house. We stayed there for a few days. The internet connection was not good. It was hard to watch my videos. I met my cousins Sarayu and Samara and played with them. On the ipad.  Hehehe!

My Grandmother
We then moved to our apartment. I made a few new friends. Some of their names are Siddharth, Ryan, Shrikrishna, Rishi, Rishabh  and Pranav. I still miss my old friends. I like the Apartment. It's a nice place. There are two playgrounds, there's a swimming pool, there's a badminton court, there are basketball, tennis, and cricket courts, there's a room with indoor board games. It is a very safe place. I can go everywhere on my own. My mom and dad also like that they don't have to take me everywhere. I took my cousins Sarayu and Samara to the playgrounds. I started learning badminton from a coach. One class is over.

There are farms next to
our apartment where we
get our milk from. One day I
saw how the cows are
The swimming pool


Me going on a walk
We took a small vacation at a nice place near our house. There were lots of trees and no traffic. We took long walks. We found interesting things. One of the things is called The Touch-Me-Not plant. When you touch the leaves, they fold up. We found different colored butterflies of many sizes. I saw a light green butterfly appear out of nowhere. We met a man who lives there who takes pictures. We also met his wife. They were nice.

The Touch- Me-Not

There were jungles around us - like the Jungle
 Biome in Minecraft

We met a man selling peanuts. He gave us hot peanuts in a paper cone. He first roasted them in hot sand. This is an eco-friendly way to heat things. I learnt the word "eco-friendly" from one of Dan TDM's Minecraft videos. The peanuts were yummy

I picked a red font for this blog because India is hot, but the weather here is nice. I like India. But I still like America better. This is a nice place though.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Frozen Yogurt

The below post is old from when we were in New Jersey. I didn't publish it for a long time. I am now in India. I will publish a new post soon on India.
We moved from Trumbull to my mom's uncles house in New Jersey. We will stay here until we fly to India.

On Monday I went to a frozen yogurt place. The frozen yogurt I got was yummy. These are some of the toppings I got. 1. Gummy frogs 2. Sour Gummy Worms and 3. Rainbow Nonpareils. There is an oxymoron in the name of the shop. The name is "Cups Frozen Yogurt - That's Hot". Frozen yoghurt that's hot?

First I was sad :-( when I moved to New Jersey that I would miss Go greenly. Go Greenly is another frozen yogurt place in Trumbull. But now I am happy that I found a frozen yogurt place here. I know there are frozen yogurt shops in India too.

By the way, I picked a blue font for this post to go with frozen yogurt.