Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Farm

I went to a farm last Sunday. It is Sarayu and Samara's grandparents' farm. Sarayu and Samara were there along with their friends and parents and grandfather. It was fun to play with so many friends even though the grass was very ichy. 

We watched some TV at the caretaker Bagyamma's home. She has many pets including a dog, chickens and guinea pigs. I tried to feed the guinea pigs but they did not eat the food. 

I then explored the farm with my friends. There are lots of trees in the farm. There are coconuts, teaks, chikoossitafals, chilies, beans and so many other trees growing there. Wild animals such as elephants and monkeys visit the farm. The monkeys love visiting there. At night a lepord or a jaguar comes to the farm and leaves at day. There is a snake that lives beneath the ground in the farm. 

There are lots of bugs. I saw a praying mantisladybugspidersfliesgrasshopper and worst of all Mosquitos. Luckily I had repellent on so they couldn't do a number on me.

We played a role play game. The oldest one (a girl) was the queen the other three girls were princesses and I was the knight. There were evil kingdoms and another good kingdom. I belonged to the good kingdom.

Me protecting the good kingdom with my bow and arrow
and the princesses being silly.
We started a picnic. There were noodles, sausages, pasta, potato salad and too many bugs to let us finish it. 

The girls are going to move to the farm at some point so I can visit the farm often (and use up all our mosquito repellent).