Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Random Things

Part 1: Why I haven't written (writ10 :)) for so long.

Well I had other things in my mind (mostly iPad).

Part 2: Poetry Puzzler
Me and my mom decided to play a game called Poetry Puzzler. Here's how to play:
1. You write 5 words and the other player writes 5 words
2. You and the other player swap words.
3. You and the other player write a poem with the new words (you can draw if you want).
4. Share with whoever you want.  

Here are the poems we came up with:

Here's mine. You know why there's no rhyme? Because I couldn't think of any rhymes to do with monsters. Not all poems rhyme anyway.

I don't think you can read the poem properly, so I typed it below. I also illustrated the poem by drawing all the monsters. These are futuristic monsters that I will create in a Minecraft mod.

by Rahul Maru

Cuboxes fly. 
Leafeuseuses eat.
Oceanuses are cool!! (and cold)
Thunderouses are fantastic
And all of the above.
Infernus burn.
Mountainuses Smash.
And twisteruses vacum. 

- The end

My mother's poem:

Fiery Lands
by Suma Maru

Never play with lava
Never play with fire
Never play with volanoes
Or you will earn the ire
Of Lava Lords fiery and strong
They will unleash Infernesus
Because they brook no wrong
In the land of the thunderous