Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WE MOVED TO INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We moved to Bangalore, India on Aug 27th. I was very sad to leave America.:-( The flight was very long and boring. I played games. Then we landed. It was really boring to wait for a taxi.

We reached my Ajji's (grandmother's) house. We stayed there for a few days. The internet connection was not good. It was hard to watch my videos. I met my cousins Sarayu and Samara and played with them. On the ipad.  Hehehe!

My Grandmother
We then moved to our apartment. I made a few new friends. Some of their names are Siddharth, Ryan, Shrikrishna, Rishi, Rishabh  and Pranav. I still miss my old friends. I like the Apartment. It's a nice place. There are two playgrounds, there's a swimming pool, there's a badminton court, there are basketball, tennis, and cricket courts, there's a room with indoor board games. It is a very safe place. I can go everywhere on my own. My mom and dad also like that they don't have to take me everywhere. I took my cousins Sarayu and Samara to the playgrounds. I started learning badminton from a coach. One class is over.

There are farms next to
our apartment where we
get our milk from. One day I
saw how the cows are
The swimming pool


Me going on a walk
We took a small vacation at a nice place near our house. There were lots of trees and no traffic. We took long walks. We found interesting things. One of the things is called The Touch-Me-Not plant. When you touch the leaves, they fold up. We found different colored butterflies of many sizes. I saw a light green butterfly appear out of nowhere. We met a man who lives there who takes pictures. We also met his wife. They were nice.

The Touch- Me-Not

There were jungles around us - like the Jungle
 Biome in Minecraft

We met a man selling peanuts. He gave us hot peanuts in a paper cone. He first roasted them in hot sand. This is an eco-friendly way to heat things. I learnt the word "eco-friendly" from one of Dan TDM's Minecraft videos. The peanuts were yummy

I picked a red font for this blog because India is hot, but the weather here is nice. I like India. But I still like America better. This is a nice place though.