Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cute Baby Simbu

Cute Baby Simbu is a 2 year old lion cub. He is called Cute Baby Simbu because he is cute, he is a baby, and his name is Simbu. He is fluffy. I like to play with him. He sometimes jumps on my face. He can jump very high. He jumps backwards when he gets tickled. He also acts very silly when he feels water. He goes crazy. 

He is very silly. He thinks he will grow up into a different animal when he grows up. Sometimes he thinks he will be a bird, sometimes a crocodile, sometimes a snake or a gorilla.

His favorite thing to do is to sit on my dad's shoulder. He likes sitting on people's heads. He likes feeling my grandmother's hair. He is not very interested in Mincecraft. Anyway, I don't think he should play Minecraft when he is this young.

He likes my cousins Sarayu and Samara. He also likes their stuffed toys (a rabbit and Mini Mouse). The three of us like to play with him. We spin around with him. 

He learned how to eat two or three days ago. The first food he tried was steak. Since he is a lion, he likes steak very much. His favorite drink is milk. Actually that's the only drink he's tried.

I have had him for more than four years. But I like to believe he is only two years old. My dad answered a question correctly at work and the prize was Simbu. That is how I got him. He is my favorite stuffed toy.