Friday, July 3, 2015

My Homeschooling Adventure

When I moved to India, I was afraid that the teachers would not know English. So I decided to homeschool (learn at home). My parents found out about this homeschoolers' meeting and I attended. That's where I met 3 of my homeschooling friends: Seth, Cade, and Srikar. Some homeschoolers started meeting monthly to do presentations and play and eat.

Everything is Awesome!
The first one was in my house. I had SO much fun (by the way, the presentations and playing and chatting went on till midnight). I presented about the bad affects of sugar. I think it was a popular presentation. The next presentation was in Srikar's house. I had a lot of fun there too. I talked about Chain Reactions. It was a killer presentation.The third presentation was actually a performance. It was in my cousins' house (farm). And I had so much fun there too. This time I sang "Everything is Awesome" from the Lego movie. It is my favorite song. It was "awesome" to practice and sing that song.

There are totally 12 presenters in the group now and everyone and their presentations are very nice. There were many interesting presentations. From music to religion, from eggs to sports and sleep. There were also many performances - dancing, singing, musical instruments, and everything in between. All in just 3 meetings. And the food was really good.

The next get together is going to be an outing - to Mysore zoo. I can't wait!!! Except for one reason - I have to wake up at 5.30 AM.

By the way, I did learn that teachers in India speak English and in fact, so do most people.

Why I still decided to homeschool:

1. I get to do less work and I think I'm learning more.
2. I get to be with my family.
3. I still get to play with lots of friends every evening.
4. There are these awesome meetings and presentations that I don't want to miss, ever.
5. I love my homeschooling friends.

The end. Bye!