Friday, July 17, 2015

Lego Ludo

I invented a game called  LEGO Ludo. This how it started. I was reading my LEGO book and then I saw a Ludo board. I decided to make a Ludo board with Legos.

By the way, do you know what Ludo is? If you don't, then ask me in the comments section.

The middle of the game
(I'm winning and I won)
After I made the board, I felt it should be different. So I changed the rules. Here are my Ludo rules:
      • You need to go one-and-a-half rounds before going into the home row.
      • The transparent pawns are special. They can send back to start, a pawn of the player that the transparent pawn's start box is pointing to - if they are within a 5 box distance. 
      • For the transparent ones, the first time they are hit they move back one box, and the second time, they go home.
      • And for the normal ones, one hit and they go home.
      That's it for the special rules. The rest of the rules are similar to regular Ludo.

      The dice is also special. It is made of Legos too. I replaced the dots with colors and patterns, and I made a sheet with a legend that shows the color code.

      The last special thing about my Lego Ludo is that you can carry it around anywhere. You can play with it in your car or in a plane. You can also take a break if the game goes on for a long time. The game is "saved" until the next time you play.

      You can take as many breaks as
      you like without it being disturbed
      Me and my parents and Simbu played the game once and I won!!

      End result of the game - I won!!!
      And the end.