Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jokes and other stuff

I lost a tooth. This is the fifth tooth that I lost. The tooth fairy came and gave me Rs.100 (1 dollar and 70 cents). Again I did not see her. I think her magic fairy dust keeps us asleep and wears out only after she is gone. I think she is an Indian tooth fairy because she gave rupees, not dollars.

I and my cousins went to a book store called Atta Galatta. They had a toy workshop. I made 3 toys and I learnt the science behind them. The first toy I made was a climbing dragon. I stuck straws on the back of the dragon's wings and pulled a long thread through each straw piece. When you pull the thread from the bottom of the straws, the thread rubs against straws. So it creates friction which makes the dragon climb the thread.

Me in Atta Galatta
The next toy I made - I have no idea what it is called. I'll just call it The Sheep and The Grass. I drew a sheep on one paper and grass on another paper. I stuck the papers on the two sides of a cardboard. I punched two holes on the two sides of the cardboard. I strung a thread through the holes. When I turned the thread, the cardboard spun, and when it slowed down, it looked like the sheep were in the grass. The science behind this is that your eyes store images for a few seconds before transferring it to the brain. So it looks like the sheep were in the grass.

The third toy I made was a catapult. They didn't really explain how a catapult worked. I think they ran out of time.
The toys I made

I like making up jokes. I have made up a lot of jokes. These are some of my favorites.

1. What do pineapples wear instead of glasses? Pinoculars

Mr. Pineapple

2. What is a fire monster's favorite fruit? Water"melt"on

Flamey, the fire monster eating water-melt-on in his magma house

3. What did the bell say to the other bell when he did a good job? Bell done

4. What was the first thing the spider did on his computer? Create a "web"site.
Mr. Spider Monster

5. What did the chicken say to all the other meat? Come tomorrow for our meating.

6. What did May say to June? "May" I borrow one of your holidays?

7. What is a cactus monster's favorite part of a meal? The desert.