Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Bombe Hubba - The Dussera festival doll display

There is a big festival in India every year called Dussehra. In some parts of India, there is a festival called the Bombe Hubba (doll festival) as part of Dussehra and Navratri. I  learnt how to add links to my blog and have included links about these festivals.

I hosted a bombe hubba with my cuzins in their home. I made some things for the doll display. I made a Lego plane and put a Lego man on it. The plane was hung from a ceiling lamp so it looked like it was flying on top of the display.  I also made a mountain monster out of clay. He fought 3 or 4 Goddesses and 1 God. The Lego men were also fighting the Goddesses and God. The mountain monster's name is Everest. If he was real, he would be 54,00,000 feet tall.

The hubba was fun. I made 3 rangolis.  I ate many laddus. They were yummy. Some of my friends came to see the bombes (dolls) and I played with them. I played with my friend Seth. After he left, I played with my cuzins. We had a pillow fight. A few people got hurt so the pillow fight stopped.

After my friends left, I watched 2 videos. They were pony videos. There were 5 girls and only one boy (me) at that time and I did not get to chose any of the videos. This made me sad. If I did choose, we would have watched the Diamond Minecart Minecraft videos.
Everything was lit up.
There were flowers everywhere.
Everyone decorated their cars
and homes. We did too.

My rangolis are the ones at the bottom.
Me making rangolis

One of the displays with my plane flying over it.
My grandmom is stringing flowers.
Yummy laddus and chickpeas
and flowers my gradmother strung.
The monster I made is the one
with the green tail
Decorations. My cuzins colored them.
The elephants were made and decorated by my cuzins
A display of an Indian wedding

Watching the videos
This is called haldi and kumkuma
and is applied on the forehead
I'm tired after a looong and fun day.