Friday, October 31, 2014

The Picnic

I went to a picnic on October 11 with other kids and their families. It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!

The picnic was in a huge park called Cubbon park. It is more like a forest then a park. There were big trees everywhere. There were some tamarind trees and tamarind fruit had fallen on the ground. I tasted a small piece. It was very very sour. The weather was cloudy and muggy. The ground was slightly wet from rains.

Cubbon Park

Tamarind flower
Tamarind fruit

The first thing that me and the other kids did was go on a nature walk. We found many interesting things such as interesting and yellow flowers, 3 leaf and 4 leaf clovers, a twig that had another twig coming out if it, and something that looked like a bamboo stick. At the end of the picnic we painted using the things we found during the nature walk. I painted lava drops and gold raining on a plains biome. I also painted the results of the lava and gold rain. I lost one of my two paintings. :(

There was also an obstacle course. The first part of the obstacle course was to measure a jumprope with your feet, the second part was to run around the numbered trees in order, the third part was to kick a socer ball (foot ball) to my friend Seth's older brother Cade, the fourth part  was to do a thing called the Army Crawl, and the last part was to hit two balloons hanging from a tree with our fists.

Seth's dad showed us how to pitch a tent. He taught us how to hammer in the tent pegs. He also taught us how to attach the canvas to the peg. Once the tent was done everyone went inside the tiny tent - except for me.

We played many fun games. We played socer (football) and badminton.There were lemon spoon races. In a lemon spoon race, you have to put a spoon in your mouth and put a lemon on the spoon. The first person to reach the finish line without dropping the lemon is the winner of the race. We also played cops and robbers. I was one of the cops. There were only two robbers and three to six cops. So each cop did not much chance to catch a robber.


We played a game called Star. We each have four pieces of folded paper. We unfold them and if we have the same pieces of paper, we say star. You can't let anyone else see your paper. The first person to say star puts his hand on the ground. The others need to quickly say star and put their hands on top of the first person's hand. The first person gets the most points and the closer your hands are the clouds, the less points you get.
When it was lunch time we had a big lunch I had a roast beef sandwich, mango juice, vada pav,cucumbers and watermelons salad, and different types of rice. For dessert, there were chocolate chip cookies, brownies and lemon cake. The food was yummy. My favorite was the brownie.